User Access Control (UAC)


Nosto's UGC User Access Control is a security infrastructure that enables Enterprise clients to define appropriate custom access rules for specific resources within the Platform.

The rules, which are defined for a User Group, allow clients to customize access conditions on both the API (Back-End) and the Nosto Admin Portal (Front-End) level.

Rules for the API can be set on a Coarse-Grain level, whilst many areas of Nosto's UGC Admin User Interface allow for Fine-Grain rules to be applied.

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The Scope refers to the section of the Nosto's UGC Platform that you wish to apply the Access Control permissions to.

Whilst broken into separate sections within the UI, it is important to note, that conditions applied in one scope can have an impact on the user experience in another.

For further details about the available resources in each scope, please click on the relevant link below:

  • [Nosto's UGC Admin User Interface (Front-End)]( UGC-Admin-Scope)

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