Content API


Nosto's UGC Content API plugin provides a data-rich endpoint, containing all respective Tile data in an easily consumable JSON format, which is optimized for fast delivery in front and backend integrations.


Key Features

  • Produces a simple JSON data structure.

  • Speed and robustness of content delivery.

  • Uses a simple URI query structure with default values to match UGC's most common use cases.

  • Prioritises cached data results with simple cache times; 3 or 6 minutes.

  • No API rate limits.

  • Open access via configurable CORS security headers.

Designed for

  • Powering content for websites and browser-based apps.

  • Syncing content to external data stores.

API Specification

Please see the Content API Reference page for the resources and fields you can use in your applications. To have a play, head to the API Console in the Nosto Admin Portal.