Email Events

Nosto's UGC Tracks different Email events to ensure we can accurately track the performance of your UGC Email campaigns.

We recommend you start by reading our Getting Started guide.

Please take particular notice of the Email section of the Getting Started guide, which will help you set up Email tracking.

Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol API secrets

Nosto's UGC provides you with a link to your UGC Email Tile, which can be used within your email campaigns. This link is used to track impressions, and clicks.

For Email Tracking, the Google Analytics 4 Plugin relies on a Measurement Protocol API secret that is automatically created in your Google Analytics 4 account when you start tracking. You can find that secret by:

  • Select the Account you connected with Nosto's UGC

  • Click Admin

  • Select the Property & Data Stream you connected with Nosto's UGC

  • Click on Measurement Protocol API secrets

Email Events

The following Email events are tracked by the Nosto's UGC Google Analytics 4 plugin:

  • Email Tile Load (nosto_ugc_email_tile_load) - This event is fired when the user loads it in their email.

  • Email Tile Click (nosto_ugc_email_tile_click) - This event is fired when the user clicks on the tile in their email to open the original social media content.

Learn more about the Nosto's UGC Email Dashboard here.