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Nosto's UGC Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge enables retailers to easily find and feature authentic, shoppable UGC and/or organic influencer content at key conversion points across their websites to boost trust and drive sales.

Drag and drop customizable UGC galleries from Nosto's UGC into any web, category, or product page to inspire, engage, and convert online shoppers. Automatically connect your product catalog with relevant UGC and product tags in Visual UGC, easily turning engaging pieces of visual social proof into shoppable content with ‘Buy Now’ calls-to-action that shorten buyers’ path to purchase.

Integration Features

  • Showcase shoppable UGC Galleries - Create more relevant and inspiring commerce experiences by easily displaying shoppable social proof from real customers across your homepage, category, and product pages.

  • Sync Product Feeds - Seamlessly sync your product catalog with product tags in UGC for easy ongoing product feed management.

  • Cultivate Community - Turn your customers into a passionate community of creators who continuously produce the types of content your brand wants and needs.

  • Get Permission from Content Creators - Nosto's UGC robust rights management functionality makes it easy for you to obtain and track the rights to the UGC you want to use throughout your marketing

  • Leverage AI-Powered Recommendations - Our industry-leading machine learning engine helps you can continually publish more high-performing content with less effort by making predictive recommendations on which content you should publish, rights manage, or discard.

  • Feature UGC Everywhere Your Customers Are - Easily publish authentic and relevant user-generated content across all your core marketing channels -- from web and social to emails, ads, billboards, and more.

  • Customize Designs to Fit Your Brand - Make sure all shoppable UGC galleries are in line with your visual brand with customizable design templates.

  • Scale Quickly with Dynamic Displays - Automatically localize calls-to-action on shoppable content, only show content for products in stock, and dynamically display UGC based on customizable tags and filters for easy management at scale.

  • Make Better Business Decisions with Insightful Analytics - Quickly gain insights into how your shoppable UGC is performing with continual tracking of key commerce metrics like add to cart, add to wishlist, checkout, and purchase (as well as interactions with individual pieces of UGC).

Download Cartridge

You can download Nosto's UGC SalesForce Commerce Cloud Cartridge from the Nosto Github here.

Version Support

The Nosto's UGC SalesForce Commerce Cloud Cartridge is certified and tested for SFRA 5.0.1

The Cartridge has been tested and can also work on all versions between SFRA 4.4.1 and SFRA 5.0.1


For information about the various components of Nosto's UGC SalesForce Commerce Cartridge, please click on the respective link below:

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