Nosto's UGC widgets have been developed to provide a variety of key features that make them the best choice for displaying content on a web page. Used by 90% of clients. Serving 16 million requests a day.


Key Features

  • Speed & flexibility of development within the Stackla platform.

  • Easy customization of CSS and JS.

  • Access to a powerful internal JavaScript API.

  • Optimized responsive display.

  • Built-in content freshness detection.

  • Speed and robustness of content delivery.

  • Produces simple and reusable HTML embed code.

  • Extensible with maps and direct upload widgets.

  • Dynamic content request options using filters and tags.

  • Customizable content polling frequency.

  • No API rate limits.

  • Advanced features such as Product highlights and Likes.

  • Reporting on tile and widget performance via Google Analytics.

  • Tile recommendation data to help make moderation easier.

Designed for

  • Displaying content on websites and browser-based apps.