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The Nosto's UGC Google Universal Analytics Plugin has been extended to provide a simple way for customers to track Impressions and create Sessions based upon an individual viewing a Nosto's UGC Email Campaign Tile within their preferred Email Provider. The events created for the Email Campaign are stored as behaviors within the Analytics tool, however, can be used to help build out Segments that identify the impact of the Widgets on Users and their respective Sessions across the Digital Properties.


The Google Universal Analytics Plugin has been built to track an event per UGC Tile Embed within an Email Campaign. Each Event that is stored in Google Universal Analytics will have an Event Category and Event Action and Event Label.

Nosto's UGC, by default, groups Event Categories based on the Email Campaign and Filter that they have been instigated from. Whilst this can be manually adjusted by clients, it allows brands to determine what Email Campaigns and filters are driving the most impressions. Event Actions are the specific action that has been performed, in this case loading the Tile Embed, whilst Event Label contains more granular detail such as Embed ID and the UGC Tile Embed position.

Full details of each of the Event is listed below

EventDescriptionEvent CategoryEvent ActionEvent Label

UGC Embed Tile Load

Triggered each time an Email Campaign Tile is loaded by an end user

Email Campaign {EmailID}, Filter {FilterID}

Email Tile Load

position: {Position}, embed_id: {EmbedID}

Tracking Code


Nosto's UGC tracks impressions relating to the loading of the Email Tiles by adding a simple Tracking Pixel. The structure of the tracking pixel embed is as follows:

<img src="{UID}&t=event&ec={Category}&el={Label}&ea={Action}" width="0px" height="0px"/>

The parameters which have been defined are:



Google Analytics Universal ID



Event Category

Email Campaign (12345), Filter (34567)


Event Label

position: 01, embed_id: 12356789-01


Event Action

Email Tile Load

Values such as UID are populated by the Google Analytics Universal ID which has been configured in the Google Analytics Plugin on the respective Stack, whilst the Category, Label and Action are populated based upon attributes defined above.


The Tracking Code which Nosto's UGC generates can be customised with additional attributes able to be added to help improve the level of tracking available within your Google Analytics instance.

Some of the additional attributes which can be added include:


Client ID


Anonymously identifies a particular user, device, or browser instance

User ID


Known identifier for a user provided by the site owner/tracking library user.

Campaign Name


Specifies the campaign name.

Campaign Source


Specifies the campaign source.

Campaign Medium


Specifies the campaign medium.

Campaign ID


Specifies the campaign ID.

Document Path


The path portion of the page URL.

Document Title


The title of the page / document.

A full list of attributes which can be tracked are available here

Click Tracking

For anyone looking to track clicks from embedded content within Google Analytics, we recommend applying custom tracking to the redirect URL. For more information, please refer here.

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