Setting up your account

You must use a valid domain for your website. If you are creating a test account and running your store locally, you must use valid TLD as using localhost is not supported.

You cannot use the following domains as they are reserved by the IANA.

  • .test

  • .example

  • .localhost

  • .invalid

We recommend using a valid TLD that is aliased to localhost for testing purposes. You will need to edit your operating-system dependent hosts file to add an alias for the domain you are using.

Nosto periodically crawls your website to keep the catalog data in sync and therefore if you run your webshop locally, Nosto will be unable to crawl your website. In order to overcome this, you will either need to:

  1. make it publicly available using a service such as Pagekite or Ngrok

  2. Use the Products API to keep your catalog in sync

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