Sending email addresses to Nosto

In this article, you will learn how to collect email addresses from other sources. If you have implemented the customer tagging, Nosto will automatically collect the information for logged-in users. For all other scenarios, you will need to use our Javascript API to push the customer information to us:

Collecting email addresses from a form field

If your website has a form field that accepts email address, you can collect customer information using our JS API. A more simplified way would be to add the class nosto_email_capture to any email field on the page whose addresses need to be captured. Having done that, include the following snippet into your site.

The jQuery based script below binds every input field with the class nosto_email_capture and submits the collected information to Nosto when the parent form is submitted.

jQuery("form input.nosto_email_capture").each((idx, input) => {
    if (!input.form) {
    input.form.onsubmit = event => {
        var email = input.value;
        if (email) {
            // Push customer information to current visit
            nostojs(api => {
                console.log("Collecting email " + email);
                api.customer({email: email});
        } else {
            console.log("No email specified");

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