The Playground

Start exploring Nosto's GraphQL API on your account. GraphiQL is an in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL. You don't need any access for using the GraphiQL Explorer.

Toy around, use the API and when you'd like API access to the endpoint for use through a library such as Apollo, please contact support.

Use the embedded GraphiQL explorer below to run queries. The GraphiQL Explorer is accessible at


Documentation is a first-class citizen of GraphQL, and GraphiQL leverages it. The right-hand pane exists for you to explore the possible queries, mutations, fields, their types (if they’re required), the works. Even if your server doesn’t implement human-composed descriptions, you will always be able to explore the graph of possibilities.


You don’t even have to read the documentation to discover our API. GraphiQL supports debugging as-you-type, giving hints and pointing out errors.

JSON Viewer

GraphiQL comes with a JSON viewer with all the niceties you’d expect: code folding, automatic indentation, copy support, and read-only so you won’t accidentally delete or edit.

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