Submit search

When submitting Search results through Autocomplete, submit callback is called on these events:

  • Enter key press.

  • Submit button click.

  • Keyword click.

By default submit checks if query/keyword length satisfies minQueryLength, sends Search Submit event to Nosto Analytics, and sends Search request to the Nosto Search API.

In the usual scenario, you want to render Search Results on submit, so you should override submit function:

submit: async (query, config) => {
    if (
        query.length >= config.minQueryLength
    ) {
        const response = await search(
                redirect: true,
                track: config.nostoAnalytics ? "serp" : undefined,
        // Do something with response. For example, update Search Engine Results Page products state.

To disable submit pass undefined value.

πŸ“Š Nosto Analytics (enabled by default)

Setting nostoAnalytics: true will enable Nosto Analytics tracking. Tracking results can be seen in the Nosto Dashboard under Search & Categories -> Analytics page.

❗Note: you should additionally add click events on your search results page according to Nosto Tech Docs with type: serp || category according to the results page type.❗

πŸ“ˆ Google Analytics (enabled by default)

By default we send pageview events to existing GA tag, found in shop site. To send pageview events with correct search information, a minimal configuration is needed in googleAnalytics property.

  • serpPath - Search query url parameter name

  • queryParamName - Search query url parameter name

  • enabled - Enable Google Analytics

For example, if search results URL is, then configuration should be:

googleAnalytics: {
    serpPath: "search-results",
    queryParamName: "query",
    enabled: true

To disable Google Analytics, set googleAnalytics: false.

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