Create Autocomplete template

The library handles events through dataset properties to avoid handling logic in a template. These data-* attributes are used:

  1. data-ns-hit - this attribute should be used on clickable keyword, product, history list elements. Stringified unmodified JSON object (product, keyword or history hit) from the search response should be provided as a value. You will need to escape it in Liquid and Mustache templates. This attribute handles submit keyword/history as search, redirect to product, analytics (if enabled) request.

  2. data-ns-remove-history - should be used to delete history entries in the autocomplete.

  • To make an element delete a single history entry when clicked, add data-ns-remove-history={hit.item} to an element.

  • To delete all history entries, add data-ns-remove-history="all" to clear button.

Template examples: Mustache, Liquid, React/Preact

Mustache is based on logic-less templates which can be enhanced with helpers, e.g toJson, imagePlaceholder, showListPrice in example template.

import { fromMustacheTemplate } from '@nosto/autocomplete/mustache'

fromMustacheTemplate(template, {
    helpers: {
        toJson: function () {
            return JSON.stringify(this)

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