Implement on your website

Choosing the implementation method

Most customers implement Nosto by installing a Nosto extension to their e-commerce platform. The extension provides a working out of the box implementation for majority of websites handling installing tagging and product updates. However, for customized PWA/SPA environments, you should follow the additional SPA/PWA guides.

When implementing in SPA and PWA environments, product updates must be done via REST API. In case you are using some of the platforms that Nosto has extension for the extension takes care of the product updates.

SPA / PWA on top of a platform that Nosto has extension for

If you have implemented SPA / PWA on top a platform that Nosto has extension for you will still need to implement the frontend part using Session API. The extension will take care of the product updates, order confirmations, exchange rates and other background processes but displaying the recommendations, popups, etc. must be done using Session API.

When dynamic functionality is needed / no page reload

In case your website implement some dynamic functionality, you can use the JS API. Note that you can not mix Session API and JS API.

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