Implementing Category pages

Category pages can be rendered using search templates over existing category pages.

It's recommended to disable or hide (for instance, using CSS) the original category page products to avoid displaying them while new results are loading. This prevents any possible confusion for users as the updated results are populated.


To render the category page, provide additional configuration parameters to the init function in the index.js entry point file. Default configurations for categoryQuery and isCategoryPage are already provided. Custom configuration is necessary only if the default settings are not suitable for your application.

The default isCategoryPage function checks for the presence of an element in the DOM and determines if the page should be considered a category page based on its content.

import { init } from '@nosto/preact'
import categoryComponent from './category'

    inputCssSelector: '#search',
    contentCssSelector: '#content', // or categoryCssSelector
    categoryComponent: categoryComponent,
    categoryCssSelector: '#MainContent',

    // // There is a default implementation for categoryQuery,
    // // so use this custom configuration only if you need to customize it:
    // //
    // categoryQuery: () => {
    //     return {
    //         name: 'serp',
    //         products: {
    //             categoryId: this.categoryId(),
    //             categoryPath: this.categoryPath(),
    //             size: defaultConfig.serpSize,
    //             from: 0,
    //         }
    //     };
    // },
    // // If you want to integrate only Categories without Search or Autocomplete,
    // // ensure that the following entries are removed or commented out:
    // //
    // serpComponent,
    // historyComponent,
    // autocompleteComponent,

Detect search page

The isCategoryPage function should detect whether the current page is a category page. Its result should not be cached, as it needs to dynamically detect the page type since it can change during the app's execution. For example, if the user navigates from a category page to a search page, the function should reflect that change in page type.

Category query

The categoryQuery should generate a category page query based on the current page. It must return either categoryPath (identical to the categories field filter) or categoryId to select the current category. The default implementation extracts the categoryId and categoryPath fields from the DOM.

Search rules targeting specific categories are not supported when using categoryPath parameter, they supported only for categoryId parameter

Category component

The category component should also be implemented. In most cases, it is the same component as the search page component, except that the search query should not be displayed.

import { useAppState } from '@nosto/preact'

export default () => {
    const { response: { products }, loading } = useAppState()

    return (
            {loading && <div>Loading...</div>}
            { ? <div>
                { => <div>
            </div> : <div>
                Category is empty

Other features & implementation

The category page shares a lot of similarities with the search page, so please refer to the search page documentation:

pageImplementing Search page


Search automatically tracks to Google Analytics & Nosto Analytics when using the SerpElement component.

export default ({ product }) => {
    return (
        <SerpElement as="a" hit={product}>

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