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Shopify Markets v1

Our Shopify Markets integration v1 release is specifically designed to handle all Market related part on the Front End. This minimizes effort in setting Nosto up with Shopify Markets, but also limits your possibility of customise your setup per Market. For full controll please use our end-to-end integration.

Shopify Markets - JS API version

How it works

The current version is based on a new JS API migrateToShopifyMarket. Using this API, you can load recommendations with following details updated for the current market, automatically.
  1. 1.
    Product URL - updates Product URL for every product in the recommendation to match the URL of the store's market. At the same time, the URL will retain all the attribution parameters from the original URL
  2. 2.
    Product Title - updates Product Title, for every product in the recommendation, to reflect the language of the current market
  3. 3.
    Product Description - updates Product description, for every product in the recommendation, to reflect the language of the current market
  4. 4.
    Product Category - updates Product category, for every product in the recommendation, to reflect the language of the current market. Please note that this only affects the main category (fetched from Shopify's "Product Type" field).
  5. 5.
    Product Variant Options - For those recommendations containing variant selectors, this API translates all the variant options and title to reflect the language of the current market.
  6. 6.
    Product Price - updates Price & List-Price showing to match currency and price of customers location.


  • At this point the integration supports the main account language within Nosto. This means, that some features might be limited, if you're utilising several languages in one Market. Still, using the API you can display correct language in your Front End f.e. in Product Recommendations.
  • As v1 is a pure Front End solution, analytics will appear in the main account currency and may not be accurate to actual sales data
  • To personalise the user experience for different locations/markets, you can use our Segmentation & Insights feature
With v2 just around the corner, we will support the handling of multiple languages within the same market via the Nosto admin, splitting into one instance per market & language. This enhancement will allow you to fully utilize our Search and Email products and the whole Nosto platform. Additionally, you will be able to set up campaigns per market/language and view separate analytic boards, providing you with more detailed insights into your users' behavior and needs.

How to integrate

For more technical information, needed changes, available parameters & code examples please also visit our Technical Details (how to use it) page.