Version Controlled Themes

Attention: This is our old approach, and not available anymore for merchants who install Nosto in May 2024 or later!

In the event that you are using source-control for your themes, you may need to follow some steps to ensure that Nosto functions as expected whenever you re-deploy your theme. Prior to proceeding, we recommend that you read up on the following:

→ Learn more about How Nosto modifies your theme

  1. Navigate to the Nosto settings and apply Nosto to your theme.

  2. Use the preview links to ensure that everything is working as expected.

  3. Download the theme to your local directory where your theme sources are version controlled

  4. Use the Git tool to inspect all the changes made to your theme and commit them to the version control

If you have multiple themes, the same procedure can be used. We recommend that you read up on Working with multiple themes

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