Marketing permission and GDPR compatibility

Marketing permission or newsletter consent from customers is recorded either during order confirmation or through customer webhooks. In case of order confirmation, the consent is received through the marketingPermission flag. These fields tell Nosto if the customer has given their GDPR compliant consent for receiving marketing emails.

When a customer is placing an order for any product, the checkout page will collect the customer's consent for receiving the marketing emails as shown below,

When the customer selects Email me with news and offers option and confirms the order, the consent along with order information will be sent to Nosto through /order/track API in the following format,

    "info": {
        "newsletter": "true"
    "items": [{
        "name":"Cool Kicks",

A merchant will be able to update customer's information or their marketing consent from store management (Admin) page.

During this process, Nosto will receive updated customer information, in following format, through a pre-configured webhook,

    "id": "12345",
    "accepts_marketing": true

A third approach for sending customer information to Nosto is using Page tagging. For more information, please refer Customer Information Tagging


  1. If your store has a custom process for gathering marketing permissions or the default logic explained above doesn't fit for your store, you can override Nosto's extension to amend the behaviour. Please read more detailed instructions in our guide on Import customer data

  2. In order manually override marketing information for a customer email, follow the steps here Manually Override Consent

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