Supplier Cost & Inventory Level

Nosto supports supplier costs and inventory level. The supplier-cost and inventory-level metadata can be used for creating advanced recommendation rules to promote products with a high margin or low-stock products.


The supplier-cost and inventory-level of a product are considered sensitive information and therefore does not exist in the page tagging, and instead, are sent over a secure API.

You must run the indexer manually every time you toggle these features. Running the indexer updates your product catalog in Nosto.

Why is the inventory-level always zero or entirely missing?

If you are using the Magento's Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), you must install Nosto's MSI extension for Magento 2 as well.

Why don't all my products have the supplier-cost and inventory-level information?

The extension relies on observers to detect changes to the catalog and synchronize it with Nosto. If you are synchronizing products from your ERP/PIM system, observers may not be triggered.

Enabling / Disabling Inventory-Level Metadata

The inventory-level metadata collection is disabled by default. You can toggle the inventory-level metadata collection by navigating to the configuration page and toggling Enable Inventory Levels under the Feature Flags section.

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