Supplier Cost & Inventory Level

Nosto supports supplier costs and inventory level. The supplier-cost and inventory-level metadata can be used for creating advanced recommendation rules to promote products with a high margin or low-stock products.


The supplier-cost and inventory-level of a product are considered sensitive information and therefore does not exist in the page tagging, and instead, are sent over a secure API.

You must run the indexer manually every time you toggle these features. Running the indexer updates your product catalog in Nosto.

Why don't all my products have the supplier-cost and inventory-level information?

The extension relies on observers to detect changes to the catalog and synchronize it with Nosto. If you are synchronizing products from your ERP/PIM system, observers may not be triggered, and therefore it is necessary that you run a cron to bulk update products to Nosto.

→ Learn more about Bulk Product Updates

Enabling / Disabling Inventory-Level Metadata

The inventory-level metadata collection is disabled by default. You can toggle the inventory-level metadata collection by navigating to the configuration page and toggling Send inventory level to Nosto under the Advanced settings section.

Enabling / Disabling Inventory-Level Sync After Purchase

In some cases, syncing the inventory level after a purchase might add some loading time to the thank you page. As of version 3.7.8, you can disable it and leave this operation for a later time when running the indexer or updating the product manually.

Defining the attribute for supplier cost

You can define the attribute to be used for supplier cost from the extension's settings under Optional attributes.

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