Job Scheduling Overview

Accessing the Dashboard

  • Location: Find the Nosto plugin dashboard under the Marketing tab in Shopware 6 administration.

  • Path: Marketing → Nosto Jobs Listing

Dashboard Features

  • Job Scheduling Dashboard: View and manage scheduled jobs.

  • Job Listing: Access complete job information and sync products with Nosto.

Job Listing Details

  • Columns Explained:

    • Name: Job identifier.

    • Status: Job status (Success, Failed, Running, Pending).

    • Timings: Job creation, start, and finish times.

    • Child Jobs: Status indicators (Green for success, Gray for pending, Red for failed).

    • Messages: Log messages categorized by type (Info, Warning, Error).

Dashboard View Modes

  • List View: Default view with filter support.

  • Grouped View: Organize jobs by status or type.

  • Chart View: Visualize job data over selected time frames (30 Days, 14 Days, etc.).

Enabling Auto Load will refresh the listed data automatically once per minute.

Jobs Handled

  • Changelog Entity Sync Operation

    • Marketing Permission Sync Operation (newsletter),

    • Order Sync Operation (New Order, Updated Order events)

    • Product Sync Operation

  • Full Catalog Sync Operation: Synchronize all products to Nosto

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